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Music Teacher Education

Department Of Music Teaching

Department Of Music Teaching

The Department offers a four-year-long undergraduate program that aims to produce music educators for secondary education institutions. Prospective students who are to be accepted to the program are chosen via the Special Ability Exam which determines/assigns the amount and the frequency of the musical skills of the candidates. The program consists of individual and group playing/singing activities. In the program, the piano is the mandatory instrument and an elective instrument (violin, viola, cello, contrabass, transverse flute, clarinet, guitar and bağlama) is among the courses. The program does not only offer theoretical considerations/courses in the field but also include studies and experiments in musical creativity. Besides these courses, the program contributes to music education with seminars, panels, conferences, practical applications, concerts of instructors and students, outof- department concerts etc. and some national and international activities.


The Department’s undergraduate program consists of professional courses and courses related to general cultural subjects and pedagogic formation. The program is of four years in duration and it offers both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching ( OR theoretical considerations in the field with methodology and practical applications in the selected secondary schools). In addition to the undergraduate program, master’s and Ph.D. programs are offered by the Institute of Educational Sciences.


The students of this Department are able to use various facilities in order to practice their applied skills. They have access to an Orff and rhythm workshop, a multi-purpose hall, study rooms, a computer laboratory which contains a CD and musical notes archive, and a total of 38 pianos ( two of which are grand pianos). Furthermore, the Department is involved in various cooperative activities with foreign universities as part of the Erasmus Programme.

Employment Prospects

The graduates of the department are able to work as music teachers at state and private (elementary and) secondary schools/tertiary institutions.

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